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How to Install

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Welcome to Klar.gg!

The installation process is very easy, but if you still have problems feel free to open a ticket in

this section.




How to Install?
Follow these steps before opening a ticket.

  1. Download the loader from Link.
  2. Put on your desktop.
  3. Launch as Administrator.
  4. Type the username & password which you want and press "Register".

How to use my key?
You can find the purchased key in your email or on forum in the "Manage purchases" section.

  1. Open the loader, login, and press "Keys" in the bottom section.
  2. Copy your purchased key and paste it into the "key" tab.
  3. Press Activate.

* Important: Your key starts expiring after you activate it in the loader!
* Note: You don't have to type anything in Referral, you can leave this field blank, If you have a friend and want to refer him then feel free to do it, for every 3 referrals you will get 10 hours of free cheat.

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