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Common Issues and Error Codes


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General Instructions
Please follow these steps in the first place.


  • The game must be in borderless mode. Otherwise, you will crash upon injection or during midgame. (Exceptions: Palworld, DayZ)
  • Uninstall all antiviruses, including Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton and any third-party antiviruses.
  • Uninstall "Riot Vanguard" and "FaceIT" from your PC.
  • Uninstall ReShade. (DayZ only)
  • Turn off SecureBoot by pressing "WIN+R" and typing "msinfo32" to check for SecureBoot. If necessary, go into your BIOS and switch it off.
  • Go to "Virus & threat protection" > "Virus & threat protection settings" > "Manage Settings" and make sure it matches the image:


Error Codes and Fixes
If your error is not listed here then make sure you have followed all the steps explained in this thread.


Please uninstall Riot Vanguard.
If you don’t want to uninstall, you can stop the Vanguard process
by following the command:
CMD as Admin, type: "sc stop vgk" and load klar again.

You are trying to inject a cheat while the game is opened.
Please load klar 
before launching the game.

Uninstall Norton antivirus.
I2 l2 code means something blocks cheat injection.
Uninstall all antiviruses you have on your PC and disable
Windows Defender & overlays.
Core isolation in Memory Integrity must be disabled.
l2 -(1073741637) 1. Go to Settings and open "Security" > "Device Security
2. Turn off Memory Integrity.
3. Restart your PC.
4. Verify that Memory Integrity is still turned off.
5. Start the loader and see if this resolves the issue.

l2 -(1073741670)
This error means FACEIT AC is installed on your PC, please uninstall it.

Please install vc_redist.x64.exe:
M1 | DEBUG ERROR 2 It is a common issue on Windows Home versions.
A temporary fix for that issue is to restart the PC every injection.
If you want to fix it permanently, reinstall Windows to the 
PRO version.
LOADER CLOSE AT 100% Go to Windows settings -> date and time -> Press
Afterwards, reinject klar.

Please restart your computer and attempt to log in again.
COULDN'T FIND A KEY This error may happen when you try to activate a non-working cheat.
Please check the 
status before purchasing/activating the key.
Also make sure to
remove all spaces from the pasted key
and leave "
Referral" tab empty.
Go to "Virus & threat protection" > "Virus & threat protection settings"
> "
Manage Settings" and make sure it matches the image provided here
If the above method did not work,
then try to
download this tool and deactivate it with this.
Open Network and Sharing Center, choose Ethernet > Properties,
and ensure that the 
IPv6 protocol is selected.
Redownload the loader and please try again.
If it still doesn’t work redownload loader and use VPN and select
IP nearby 

This error means that the cheat is not updated [status
or in the case of R6 game, you ran the game in VULKAN mode,
is unsupported.
BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH Please run the following commands in the command prompt
Administrator and do:
sfc /Scannow
Once completed, Run:
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
After that is done, restart your PC.


Additional Error Codes and Fixes

  • For the rest of error codes such as "IJ1, IJ5, IJ8 Follow the "General Instructions" steps above and restart your computer.
  • Error IJ7 might be caused by injecting while the game is not open or in fullscreen mode. If you are sure that the game is open and in borderless mode, please try injecting a few times until it succeeds. (for R6 product only).
  • image.png.8977dd94e8edd170da2bab0329b5124c.png <- The error is caused by Windows Insider being installed, which is not supported. To fix it, please reinstall Windows to the normal version.
  • I2 (-1073740285) (or similar error code) is caused by the latest Windows 10/11 update from 09.04.2024.
    You need to revert the update and turn off Windows Update to prevent auto-updating in the future.
    To uninstall, please select
    Start > Settings > Windows Update > Update history > Uninstall updates > search for KB5036892, KB5036893 or KB5036892 and uninstall them.
    There might be different names for KB updates, so please uninstall all KB updates from
    April 9, 2024, and April 13, 2024. Make sure Windows Update is disabled.


How to register | How to use my key | Where is my key | Does my windows support it | I have different question |
Do you have a different issue? Please open a ticket.

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