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Klar Media Program


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Welcome to the Klar Media Program, where you can get rewarded for your video creating talents.


Earn as You Grow:


We believe in rewarding our talented creators for their hard work. That's why we're happy to announce our "Earn as You Grow" program.

Any YouTube video that you make using our product that gets over 1000 views will be rewarded with $10 in crypto!

The best part is, you'll receive an additional $10 for every other 1000 views your video gets. So, if your video reaches 8000 views, you'll receive $80! Alternatively, you can choose to receive a week's key of your choice instead of the $10.


Do I get a free license to make the video?


Free licenses will only be provided to creators who meet two essential criteria:


A Minimum of 200 YouTube Subscribers: We believe that having a dedicated audience is a testament to your creativity and content's quality.


Proven Track Record: To be eligible for a free license, you should have previously posted similar videos that have performed well in terms of views and engagement.


If you do not meet these criteria, you must purchase a license to get started.


We value authenticity and fair play in the klar Media Program. To ensure a level playing field for everyone, we strictly prohibit the use of bots to artificially inflate video views. Anyone found using bots will be subject to account deletion, as well as a permanent ban from our community.


Rest assured that we are carefully monitoring video views to identify any suspicious activities.


Additionally, when participating in the Klar Media Program, please remember to include "klar.gg" in the title and "klar.gg - Cheating Reinvented" and "https://forum.klar.gg/store/" in the description of your videos. You must do this to be eligible for the reward.


Are you ready to have fun and make money while doing so? Then join the klar Media Program today!


To claim your reward or free license, please create a ticket in the Media Program department here. Our team will review your video/channel and process your reward or license accordingly.

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