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R6 Full is back!


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R6 Full is Back!

We are extremely happy to announce that our most popular product, the R6 Full, is now back and better than ever before.

We apologize for the extremely long downtime that all of our Full users had to endure. We assure you it will never happen again. We hope that providing free access to Lite has made up for the inconvenience. Now, all of your active licenses have been compensated.

We are extremely proud to present to you the brand new recode of R6 Full, featuring every great feature you loved from the past, and so much more.

You can find our incredible new feature list, which includes more than 70 features, here:

To keep this announcement short, we will just highlight a few of the unique and fun new features we have added:

Flying Drones: Yes, now you can really turn those boring drones into flying machines.

Sticky Flores Drone: Make Flores the most powerful operator in the game, allowing you to fly your drone, stick it to the enemy, and take out the enemy team without even leaving the spawn.

Evil Eye-Forcefire: Transform the Evil Eye into a lethal turret, capable of instantly killing anyone who crosses its path.

AutoFire/AutoWall: This feature automatically shoots at anyone in your path, even targeting and killing players through walls.

Walk Through Any Wall: Now, as an attacker, you can clip through any wall. A tutorial video on this feature will be released soon.

Third Person Mode: Ever wanted to play R6 in third person? Well, now you can.

There are many more amazing features like the ones above. For a complete list, we recommend reading through our feature list and watching some klar videos. 

Check out this great video demonstrating Flores Sticky Drones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbOyccWTW3A

Additionally, in celebration of Thanksgiving/Black Friday, **R6 Full month keys will be $10 off for the next 48 hours.**

We really hope you enjoy R6 Full as much as we do.

Best Regards,
The Klar Team

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